Alessandro Gretter was born in Trento (Italy) in 1987.


He always had a strong passion for art, painting in particular.


This passion led him to start his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Cignaroli in Verona.

In this environment, Alessandro had the great opportunity to experiment and try his art, developing his projects. He also had the opportunity to visit, several times, few of the best art temples in New York, like MoMa, Guggenheim and Metropolitan.


This vibrant environment and all these experiences, made him able to reach his own style.


He  started to represent human expression, and mostly expression of anger, rage, fury, hate.

By the use of this imagery, he tried to reach the soul of the observers.


After the graduation, he took the chance to move in UK, where he spent two years living in Bristol.

Here, he met his first international contacts, and gained the opportunity to exhibit internationally.

It was the beginning of something.



Now, Alessandro lives in Trento, collaborating with an Art Gallery in Florence.


His purpose is to try to enchant and, at the same time, to bewitch the public who admires his artworks.


He tries to do that using strong colours, like black, red and white, creating powerful contrast.